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Zaria Chandler

Dancer and Author of "Hip Hop Mic Drop" Coloring and Puzzle Book


Zaria Chandler, a native of Maywood, IL. was raised as an adolescent in Lynwood, IL. Zaria was destined for creativity and education. Growing up in a family filled with love, educators, and singers, made it easy for Zaria to express her love for the arts and math at an early age. In 2001, she took her passion to Atlanta where she matriculated from Spelman and decided to explore her dance career for 8 years. She culminated relationships with dance and music talents that would forever keep her intrigued by the arts.


After having her first daughter in 2012, she decided to move back to the Chicagoland area and become an educator. Teaching Black and Brown children was inevitable because she had always promised to pick up the torch where her mother left off as Chicago Public School principal. Within those 7 years of teaching math and science, she created a group affectionately known as the CHAN CLAN. This amazing group of 20 plus young men and her 2 daughters were the inspiration behind her brand JujuRuru/Chan Clan. The brand is dedicated to math, music and melanin.


Zaria’s best seller “Hip Hop Mic Drop Volume I” coloring and puzzle book, was the start of a business that continues to grow and educate 5 generations of Hip Hop Lovers. It is her hope that math, music, and melanin will be the undeniable, united force that creates an amazing culture all of its own. Bridging the education and wealth gap that has become a detriment in our most talented and underserved communities.

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