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Stephanie Hart

Owner of Brown Sugar Bakery



Stephanie Hart opened Brown Sugar Bakery in 2002 after a high demand for Southern cakes.  Brown Sugar Bakery derived from memories of love and

good feelings of her grandmother. While going through life’s changes, Ms. Hart found baking as a “cheap therapy,” channeling all her energy into creating delicious cakes and pies.  Brown Sugar Bakery was the answer to many, which has created a client base that appreciates the love they taste in her cakes.


Prior to opening Brown Sugar Bakery, Ms. Hart spent the first 20 years of her career as an entrepreneur, staffing contract personnel and technical writing. 

This Greater Grand Crossing bakery's tagline is "dangerously delicious!" In

2022, Ms. Hart is celebrating 20 years in business and a new location in Chicago’s Navy Pier. Ms. Hart bakery delivers on the promise of "dangerously delicious” cheesecakes, cupcakes, cobblers, cookies, pies and more.

Renowned specialty sweets include sweet potato pie, peach cobbler and

bread pudding. There are nearly twenty whole cake flavors available,

including German Chocolate, Red Velvet, Carrot and Turtle.


As her business continues to grow, Ms. Hart has begun to renovate the newly acquired Cupid Candies Factory, that now houses Brown Sugar Bakeries new candy line “Life is Sweet.” Brown Sugar Bakery began with one employee and now boasts up to 30 employees.


Ms. Hart’s dedication and success gained her local and national attention.

In 2012 Ms. Hart was featured on WGN’s “Chicago’s Best” and awarded “America's Best Bakery” on the Steve Harvey Show in 2013. In 2014, Ms. Hart received national attention by appearing on the Food Network’s “Holiday

Baking Championship” She was nominated in the 2019 James Beard Award

for “Outstanding Pastry Chef.” Ms. Hart feels strongly about building

community and sharing our culture with the world, which was the foundation

of her mission statement:

  We make delicious products. Celebrating our culture by serving

our community to further cultivate and define the best of

our experience, one amazing bite at a time!

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