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Rodney Washington 

Radio Personality for Power 92.3


Rodney Washington was born in Chicago, IL and raised on the Southside. He is the only child of his mother and father (Latanya & Rodney Washington) who are also from Chicago, IL.


Rodney was inspired by music at an early age with the bond he and his father had with his father taking him to school having karaoke in the car singing “Vanilla Ice” & “Gangsta Party”. As Rodney got older he took his passion in music to school where he attended Morgan Park High School. He sold Cds & made Mix Playlists for the entire school, and would always be up on the new music to introduce people to.


Even though music was his passion, he also had another passion, basketball. Rodney attended Morton College (Cicero, IL) after leaving Kennedy King College after a semester to play basketball for 2 Years then went off to Graceland University (Lamoni, IA). He returned to Chicago and attended Chicago State University.


At Chicago State, Rodney found his passion for music but with a twist in being a radio personality. Rodney started an online show with a friend (who is now his producer on Power92.3) every Tuesday and Thursday, calling it “TTU Radio '' (Too Turnt Up Radio). The show was inspired by Tone & Shagg, DJ Pharris, Mike Love & The Dez, and The LA Leakers. The goal was to bring excitement to college radio and radio in general by introducing the city to new artists and music.  


Rodney was introduced to Tone Kapone who mentored and guided him. With Tone showing him the ropes of radio, he also was trained by Teefa and Tony Scofield who guided him in creating his sound on radio and opening his mind to doing more than just radio, but actually being a voice for the people. Rodney took this to heart using his Saturday show as a start he created a Organization for the youth called “PepRallyTakeOver” where he goes to the school with his team to create a high energy for the school, bridging the gap between the youth and teachers, and motivating the youth with talking to them, and bringing artist to motivate them as well. 

Rodney Washington otherwise known as "HotRod"  is a radio personality on Power92.3 Chicago M-F 7pm-10pm and Saturdays 6pm-10pm. He is also the official DJ for the University of Notre Dame (Football and Mens Basketball Team).


Rodney graduated from Chicago State University with his bachelor degree in communication. Rodney continues to grow in the city of Chicago by collaborating his brand with many others like ChanceTheRapper (Social Works hosting Teen Open Mics), Hosting Nickelodeon Slime Fest 2019, and being featured on WGN TV on Chicago's Very Own segment. He shines a special light on the city motivating, guiding, and helping others in the community and city.

Brands & Sponsors:

·         Reebok (Sponsor) - ComplexCon & PRTO

·         Sovereign Brands including (Belaire, Bumbu, & McQueen)

·         University of Notre Dame DJ (Football & Basketball)

·         Nickelodeon (Host Slime Fest)

·         Divvy x Lyft (Sponsor) PRTO

·         Featured on WGN TV

·         Box Water (Sponsor)

Social Media:

Instagram- @HotRod065

Twitter- @HotRod065

Facebook- Rodney HotRod Washington

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