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Jason C. Ervin

Alderman, Chicago's 28th Ward




Jason C. Ervin was appointed Alderman of Chicago’s 28th Ward in January 2011 by then Mayor Richard M. Daley and elected to a full term by the people of the 28th Ward in February of 2011.

Ald. Ervin received his bachelor’s degree in Accounting at Southern Illinois University and a Master’s in Public Administration from Governor’s State University.  


Before serving as Alderman, Ervin served on the Local School Council at Tilton Elementary School and Westinghouse Career Academy.  He is committed to improving education and creating stronger schools because a strong foundation in education is essential to proving the best opportunities for people.


Ald. Ervin is dedicated to public service and empowering communities through social change and political organizing.  In his position as Village Manager of the Village of Maywood, he implemented changes that made government run more efficient and better for residents. 


The same type of attitude and thinking is being brought to Chicago’s West Side to make government work for the people.

Economic development, safety for children and working families are the top priorities for Ald. Ervin.  This is reflective in his legislative agenda with introducing and voting on ordinances which expand economic opportunities for working families and reduce crime on city streets.  


Ald. Ervin serves on eight committees: Human Relations, Vice Chair; Budget and Government Operations; Finance; Economic Capital & Technology Development; Education and Child Development; Pedestrian and Traffic Safety; Transportation and Committees; Rules and Ethics.

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