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Buritt Bulloch

Founder of Old Fashioned Donuts


Buritt Bulloch was born Oct. 5th 1938 in Holly Springs, Mississippi. After leaving his hometown at 20 years old, Buritt moved to Chicago, where he took on a job working at Huck Finn's bakery. It was at this time Buritt realized that he wanted to take his passion for making donuts to another level. 


On November 4th 1972, Mr. Bulloch realized his dream, when he opened Old Fashioned Donuts and the rest is history. After being open for 50 years, Old Fashioned Donuts became a staple of the Roseland neighborhood. Old Fashioned Donuts are so delicious and are talked about all over Chicago.


Old Fashioned Donuts has been featured on numerous news channels, radio stations, and newspapers articles. Buritt made his mark on the thousands of customers who have tried his secret recipe donuts and they can't get enough of them. His hard work and dedication in making the best donuts in Chicago has earned him the title "The Donut King".

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